Friday, October 1, 2010

And the winner is...

I've been informed that the number one rule about blogging is that you don't actually blog about blogging. Well, that's just hooey. It's a blog, you all know I'm doing it. It's not some great taboo.

I'm so excited that I now have over 30 followers! I feel popular! Of course, I think all of you are friends of mine, but that's cool. I said on facebook when I get over 25 followers I would have a give-away, so here it goes!

I used a random number generator and assigned numbers to my followers in the order in which they appeared on my screen at the time and the lucky winner was #15 (I have no idea how to post the widget into this post...).

#15 is....

Judi M of Adventures in Single Parenting. Judi is a wonderful girl who is the adoptive mother of two gorgeous sons. Congrats, Judi!

Judi you are the happy winner of a gorgeous pearl bracelet!

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