Friday, October 8, 2010

Mommy Got in Trouble

My children are at that age where they are always in trouble. You know - it's the age between 2 and when they have their own children.

I do my best to punish fairly and try to explain to them why they are in trouble. If you do X, Y will happen. If you don't do X, maybe we can reward you with Z. See? Isn't it better to not get in trouble?

But yesterday as we were running errands, I had the opportunity to teach them what really happens when you get in trouble.

I got pulled over. I had no idea why - but then the very nice officer informed me that I failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. The same stop sign the kids had just gone over how to spell STOP at. Yeah. (In my opinion, if the kids could spell out S-T-O-P, I was there long enough.)

So while the officer was running my info, the kids were asking what was going on.

Me: Mommy got in trouble.
SB: Why?
Me: I didn't follow the rules and stop at the stop sign.
Mac: We go now?
Me: No, honey, Mommy is in time out until the police man tells us we can go.
SB: *giggle* Momma's in time out!
Mac: You in time out? You in trouble?
Me: Yes, I got in trouble. This is why we should always obey the rules and listen to the rules we are given.
SB: Mac, you need to listen.
Mac: We go now?

The officer gave me a warning - I think it was because of the kids. But I was thankful.

And I will always follow the rules. For now.

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Rhett said...

oh - polly would have a field day with that. i have to be very careful. i'm married to the only man in america who's NEVER had a traffic violation and thinks those that have are insanely careless. whatever. :)


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