Friday, November 5, 2010


I realize I'm grossly behind on the Halloween post, but whatever... my blog, my rules, right?

PS - before I get into it. Madison is great. Her surgeons got 75% of her tumor out. She is home & on the mend. She's happily texting and facebooking and being bored because she's stuck at home. Your continuing prayers for her recovery and the remaining 25% of the tumor are appreciated.

On to Halloween.
Saturday after the visit with Mac's bio-relatives, we went to Clemson for some good old fashioned trick or treating. Except it's not trick or treating. It's walking along in an endless line of people going from door to door and holding out your candy-carrying apparatus waiting for someone to toss you a DumDum or Jolly Rancher (seriously - between the two kids & two days of trick-or-treating I think they only got 5 pieces of big candy. What's up with that?).

Sunday was much the same. Our church puts on the Wal-Mart trunk-or-treat event. It was an hour. In a line. With a THOUSAND other children. Plus teenagers. Plus adults. It was crazy. Following along the line. 

Now, don't get me wrong. The kids had a blast. They really enjoyed themselves. They are thrilled with the lollipops. 

But what happened to the good old days of walking door to door, knocking and getting real candy? "Back in my day" every house was decked out in orange lights, ghosts & the people were in costume. And I can't believe I'm old enough to say "back in my day." 

Here & now nobody decorates their house. Nobody trick-or-treats door to door. I don't really know why. I wish they did. It's so much fun. I realize we live in a big, bad, scary world, but I honestly think a large part of that is simply hype.

Anyway, there's my little rant about Halloween and trick-or-treating. 

I'll show you some pictures, of course!

Mac was a Clemson Football player on Saturday and Lightning McQueen on Sunday.
Sarah Bradley was Kiki (from The Fresh Beat Band) on Saturday and Princess Tiana on Sunday.

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