Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Kid's Say...

All kids are a wealth of hilarity - mine included. They are always spouting off something worthy of a guffaw or at least a giggle and I thought I would share a few:

One of SB's favorite words is Funky. She's known the word since she was 2. One day she had on flip-flops and the thong was between the wrong toes and she declared, "Momma, my flip flops are funky!"

When she was still potty-training, this was a conversation I had with SB:
SB: Mommy, I have stinky poops! (it’s not just poop, it has to be “stinky poops”)
Me: Sarah Bradley, where did these stinky poops come from?
SB: From my Bummy!
Me: What were they doing in your bummy?
So, if you ever want to know what poop does before it comes out… it dances. I imagine it’s doing some 70s dance like the Hustle.

The kids got aprons for Christmas this past year. While wearing hers yesterday, SB said, "Mommy, I want to keep my overbra on."

"Umm... your what?"

Patting her apron, "My overbra."

"Okay, sweetie, keep your overbra on. But around other people, call it an apron."


Meatloaf is a favorite in this house (no, really, it is. Everyone loves my meatloaf). While making it, Mac said, "Momma, that's disgusting." Then he added, "I play!" 


In one of our many attempts to potty train Mac, I told him that he had to peepee in the potty. He said he had (but had not) so I told him that he had to make water in the potty. Mac promptly scooted back and spit in the toilet, then looked at me with a huge smile of satisfaction. When I recovered from laughing, I told him water had to come out of his penis. He replied, “Well put water in there!” I had a hard time explaining that one!

 So those are a few of my favorite funnies from my kids. Have a great day!

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Diane Garrett said...

Love it!!!! Kids say the best things :)


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