Wednesday, November 10, 2010

International Adoption Statistics

Today we will be bringing you statistics about international adoption.

Here is a graph showing the number of international adoptions to the US over the last 10 years:
While the numbers have gone down a little, that's probably due to the fact that Hague Accreditation has gone down some, resulting in fewer adoptions from some countries.

Another site to check out with a map is here.

In 2009, the top 10 countries US families adopted from are (in order):
China - 3001
Ethiopia - 2277
Russia - 1586
South Korea - 1080
Guatemala - 756
Ukraine - 610
Vietnam - 481
Haiti - 330
India - 297
Kazakhstan - 295

International adoption is chosen by thousands of families each year. It's something I long to do, but finances are our biggest hurdle there. Maybe in a few years we can look into it further. These adoptions can cost anywhere from $10,000-$45,000 depending on where you're adopting from and how many children you are bringing home.

I will be bringing you the story of a family who has adopted internationally later this month. But you can also read my posts about the Howerton Family and about my dear friend Sindu to see their International Adoption stories.

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