Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

Today at the kids' school they had their Thanksgiving Feast. Each child was to bring in their favorite food to share with their class.

Mac chose gummies. Like gummy bears or worms, but his were Veggie Tales. His class's whole plate was filled with snacks - gummies, pretzels, marshmallows, stringed cheese, etc. It was cute. They all had on little Indian feather headdresses.

SB chose mac'n'cheese for her favorite food. Also from her class was corn, broccoli, grapes, and even - gasp! - Brussel sprouts! Even the teachers and helpers turned up their noses at that one! The class also wore their headdresses and donned pillow-case Indian clothes!

But it certainly got me thinking about what I'm thankful for - my friends, my family, my children's school, my church, etc. The three biggest things I am thankful for are Marshall, Sarah Bradley & Mac. Each one is a miracle to me.

As we enter into Thanksgiving week, I'm taking time to remember what I'm thankful for and why. I hope you do the same. Enjoy your "feasts!"

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