Monday, November 1, 2010

The Visit

We had our first visit with Mac's biological relatives this weekend. It was a very emotionally charged week regardless, but I was very apprehensive as one can imagine.

We went to the Greenville Zoo, which is relatively small, but still - it was something to do. The visit was to last 4 hours.

It went really well. I was surprised. There were no tears, there was no hostility. Mac was very happy to see Mr. M, but didn't care too much about Mrs. M (even though it seems she's much more interested in Mac than her husband).

I won't go into detail about the visit... But I will make 2 very important points.

1. I got baby pictures of Mac. Just a few and I asked for more. Baby pictures are the one thing I've been dying to have.

2. No matter how uncomfortable I am with these visits - my son comes home with me at the end of the day. He calls me Momma. And they really are just two more people to love him, and we all need that.

Here's 2 pics of just Mac as a baby.

As best as I can tell he may be a month or two old here...

I'm going to guess Mac is a week old here.


Sandy B said...

We all need more people to love us! I'm glad you made it through! I'm sure with time it will be much easier.

Molly said...

So glad it went well and praying that the visits continue to be come easier and positive for everyone.

Beautiful! And look at those chunky cheeks!


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