Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Turning 30

I'll be 30 this month. Hard to believe. 30.

When I was 15, 30 sounded ancient.
When I was 20 it sounded pretty old.
At 25 it seemed to be quickly approaching and not that bad.
Now that it's a whopping 11 days away it sounds...fresh. Vibrant.

When someone says they're in their 20s, they still sound young. Immature. Without experience in the vast, wide world.

30 sounds like the person knows what's going on. Been around the block once or twice. 30 is no longer the baby one was at 20.

So I look forward to turning 30. I'm ready for it. I think things will happen for me in my 30s (let's hope - there's 10 years to fill there!).

Here's to turning 30!

And bonus pictures of the surprise party Marshall threw for me this weekend!

(I got a new computer!)

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