Thursday, December 16, 2010


I think shots are the bane of a mother's existence. I mean really - is there anything more torturous for a mother than to have to restrain her child while a nurse sticks her FIVE times in the legs?

Yesterday was SB's 4 year check up. She hates the doctor - much like I did as a child. First thing they did was the hemoglobin test - the finger stick. That started the water works right there. She cried the rest of the time. She cried when the Doc checked her ears. She cried when the Doc checked her nose and mouth. I feel for her. I hated it too. And when I told her it was okay to cry - she let it wail.

(This, by the way, is no fault of the Doctor's office - Mac adores them and barely peeps. SB just has that Warthen DNA that makes us all freakishly afraid of doctors & needles.)

Then came time for the shots. Now, at 3 there were no shots - I was so thankful then! But I think when Mac goes in I'll ask if he can go ahead and get a few. Because SB got FIVE shots, plus the flu mist (they wanted to give it as a shot, but I thought I would spare her however I could).

It was ridiculous. Now, I'm NOT getting into a debate with those who don't believe in vaccines. We DO believe in them and think they are vital to keeping our children healthy in this modern world.
I just don't see why we have to have so many at once. I may ask from now on about spreading them out more.

But seriously, who does like shots?

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