Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Over Done

As much as I love my children and longed for them and adore having them with me - the 24/7 gets OLD! I think most moms would agree with me.

We are over touched, over talked, over gooked, etc. We answer "WHY, MOMMY?" every ten seconds. Actually, for mine it's more like "WHAT IS THIS?" Moms are on-call all day, every day. We don't get time off.

Sleeping in, doing whatever I want - seems like a fantasy sequence from a favorite movie. Was it really just 4 years ago I could go out whenever I wanted without checking to see who needed to go potty, who needs a diaper change, where 4 little shoes are...

I do love my children. But there are days... Oh, there are days when I just want to hide under the covers and pretend they're not there. Well, maybe not pretend they're not there. They can be there, they just need to let me do my thing, you know? Like sleep. Or run out without having to check for boogers, matching shoes or having to find that truck/feather/whatever the kids HAVE to take with them.

Something I need to do in these times is realize that this time is fleeting.
In 5 years, my kids will be so busy they will barely take time to hug me as they run out to practice.
In 10 years, they will be rolling their eyes at me and brushing past as they go out with friends.
In 15 years they will be getting into college and I'll get weekly phone calls promising to be home early for Christmas.
In 20 years, we will be addressing wedding invites and celebrating new found love.
In 25 years grandchildren will enter the picture. My children will be grown and growing families of their own. They will be me right now. Over Done.

I think I'll take that extra snuggle, wipe the nose and answer WHY one more time...

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