Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Southern-isms Part III

Because of the snow I'm feeling lazy today. So instead of a well-thought out soliloquy, I will once again be bringing you Southern-speak. Now, know that in my neck of the woods, some people actually do use these words in day-to-day speech. And know that many people do not use these words in day-to-day speech. But they're fun to toss around anyway. Enjoy!

Awful/Awfully - Yes, this is a word you already know. But in Southern speak it means something different. Here it's a synonym for "very." Instead of saying it's very cold outside, we'd say it's "awful cold." I admit to having used this on occasion when speaking with an older Southern person.

Fixins - This is entirely different from "fixin'," which means to get ready to go somewhere. Fixins is akin to vittles. Food. Ingredients. "I got the roast, but I need to get the fixins for my salad ready."

Gracious Me - An expression of surprise. "Gracious me! Is that Jamie come all the way from Georgia?"
Kin - Family. Anyone you are related to. "Heather's not just my kin, she's my friend, too."
Mess - A pile or group or large quantity. "He put a mess of ketchup on those fries."

Pole Cat - A skunk. No explanation needed there!

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