Thursday, February 10, 2011

On being an Only Child

I am an only child. It's the only thing I've ever known. My parent's attention was never divided. I never had to share people or things. It was all just for me.

So having multiple children is something I have to learn to deal with daily. I didn't have siblings to argue with or fight over toys with or to share attention of parents with. It just wasn't there. I don't know how do handle their issues with each other.

Being an only means there's always more than enough for me. Growing up I had my own bedroom - my own bathroom even. I had my choice of where to eat, what mom made for dessert or what went on my pizza. I didn't have to share my toys, my clothes, my make-up. I never couldn't do some activity because it conflicted with someone else or cost more than what someone else's activity costs.

So doing all this now is a foreign concept to me. Both my kids take "dance" (SB does jazz, Mac does tumbling). Because one did it, the other does it too. When we eat out on Sunday after church one wants Mexican. one wants McDonalds and the husband (child #3) wants Japanese. I have a hard time corralling the losing voters into the winning option.

Every day I learn something new about siblings, but I'm often found calling upon my husband, mom or friends asking how on earth I handle a certain situation exclaiming, "I don't get siblings! I'm an only child!"

Maybe one day I'll get it! Until then...God help me!

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