Sunday, March 6, 2011

Heros: Take Fifteen. Meet Teeny's Mom

Today's hero is an amazing woman. One of the strongest women I have ever had the privilege of meeting and she would tell you in an instant her strength only comes from the Lord.

Her name is Sonia and she now lives in Hong Kong. I met her through an Christian-based infertility forum called Hannah's Prayer, and now we are both a part of Parenting After Infertility and Loss Ministries. Sonia is the proud mother of 3 precious children. Two on earth and one she will see again in heaven.

Her twins were born as micro-preemies at 23 weeks gestation in April 2006. Rachel and Isaac fought hard, but Rachel's premature rupture of membranes 5 weeks earlier (on March 1, 2006) was too much. She lived an amazing 102 minutes. Isaac fought and fought and he will be 5 years old in April. Two years later, beautiful Abigail was born full term and healthy. She is the most gorgeous child you will ever see.

Sonia, Isaac and Abigail

I had the distinction of meeting Sonia, her husband Jong and Isaac in August 2008 in Washington, DC when they had a Cherry Tree dedicated to Rachel's memory. It was a beautiful service.

So, today Sonia is my hero. Her unwavering faith and ability to give it all to God in the midst of a tragic storm awes me. And her ability to delight in and celebrate all of her children brings me near tears. Thank you for being so open with your story, Sonia. You are my hero!

To read more about Sonia and her children, visit her blog here: April Mom

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