Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Tea Free

I wanted to give you my Sweet Tea update.

I think Lent has been going on for about 10,968 days by now. At least, it feels that way. It's been 2 weeks out of about six.

But it's going well. I have not tasted the sweet, sweet bliss of tea since Lent began. It's been a little tough, but overall not too bad. It's cheaper, for one. Going to Chick-Fil-A or anywhere else is costing me a dollar or two less each time I go out. That's fantastic!
But more, it's better for me. I have found myself craving water...which is foreign to me because I normally can't stand water. Yes, I still crave tea. But not as much. I was pretty jittery for a few days, but better now.

I am only drinking water and milk. I don't drink other things...I'm not a big juice person, and I don't drink soda... so my drink diet has been pretty bland. I have had two Sprites, which I don't normally do, but I just needed something different, you know?

But is it bringing me closer to God? Well, when I have water and not tea I'm reminded of how weak my sacrifice is compared to the one God made on my yes, I would say it's working. And I certainly do know how my own pithy sacrifice compares to God's sacrifice of His own Son to atone for my sins. And Sweet Tea or no, I am ever thankful.


~April~ said...

I gave up Facebook and TV for lent. I've been spending the time I would've wasted on them reading my Bible instead (although catching up on chores has taken a lot of that time too this past week...). Thank goodness we get Sundays off though, b/c my DVR is getting pretty full!! ;)

Allison said...

What is this "Sundays off" you speak of? We can have the things we give up on Sunday? The one day they should be truly given up?

~April~ said...

Well, I grew up Baptist, so I'm new to the whole "Lent" thing, but from what I understand, Lent is the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Easter, not including Sundays, which are days of Celebration...


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