Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Take on a D&C

If you don't want to read my take - come back tomorrow. Maybe I'll have something a little more upbeat to talk about.
However, in my online research about D&Cs I found a lot about the technical side of things and not much on the woman's perspective. So I thought I would share mine.

I received a lot of conflicting information the day before about where I needed to be and what time. So I wound up late because I went by the last person I talked to who told me 9am, where my doctor wanted to see me before that at 8:30. Oh well.

I was taken up the the prep room where I donned one of those robes that's open in the back. Thankfully it was huge and wrapped around my plus sized rear just fine. The worst part was them doing the IV because it makes me want to pass out and the nurses and Marshall were having a time trying to keep me with it, but I did good and didn't faint at all!

About 8 thousand people asked me the same questions over again - Do you smoke? Are you allergic to medications? What happens when you have said medications? When was the last time you ate or drank? Have you taken any medications? et cetera. The worst question was What are you having done today? Because really, I didn't need the reminder.

And yes, I was a little sad. But mostly I just wanted it over with. I know my baby is in heaven, I wasn't losing anything of value in this procedure - what was of value was already gone and safely, happily in heaven. So I was more upset at the fact that my body didn't do what it was supposed to than anything else today.

In fact, I cracked a few jokes and was generally fairly upbeat. I know many people are not that way, but for me, humor is a coping mechanism and I would much rather be happy than sad.

I was wheeled back to the OR at about 10:15. They put my arms on those things that stick straight out, IV in my left hand, blood pressure cuff on the right arm. A nurse put an oxygen mask over my face, but it kept falling off, which I found to be a little funny and a little annoying. And my nose was very itchy, which they told me was part of the medication. At this point they were giving me something and I was feeling dizzy. I kept closing my eyes, but tried to keep them open so they would know I was still awake.

Then they said I would be asleep soon and would next wake up when it was done. I remember thinking I needed to pop my ears then I was out.
I'm pretty sure I dreamed, but I have no idea about what.
Next thing I remember was waking up in recovery. A nurse was with me, monitoring my vitals. I looked at the clock and it was 11:15. The nurse said I had been in there about 10 minutes, so the surgery took right at 30 minutes, as expected. She said everything went smoothly and I did fine. My only other questions were 1 - could I please have something to drink because my throat tasted like plastic (I was not intubated, but they do put something in to keep your airway open). I got ice chips. Question 2 - when was the IV coming out. She said soon. I hate IVs.

Then I was wheeled back to my room where Marshall was waiting. I had told him to write down anything funny and loopy I said, but I seemed to have skipped that part all together. More vitals were monitored and I was given liquid Loritab for pain, though I was not experiencing much - but I figured I would so I took it.
Finally the IV came out and I was able to get dressed. I felt pretty good, a little tender in my lower abdomen, but that was it. I was fairly well awake and ready to go home. I was starving.

A wheelchair was gotten for me, and I was wheeled out to the car. Marshall and I left right about 1pm. So we were at the hospital for right at 4 hours yesterday.

We did stop and get something light to eat. I was told nothing greasy, so I stayed simple and didn't eat a lot. About 2/3 of the way home I told Marshall to hurry up because the Loritab was really taking effect and I felt like my body was melting - literally. Once home I pretty much just fell into bed and that was it for me.

I slept for a while and got up and I felt pretty good. I had a slight headache, and was still a little tender in the abdomen, but otherwise fine.

So that's my take on having a D&C. I hope you find the info somewhat useful if you ever have to endure the procedure. I pray you won't go through the experience.

And for those who think I might be a little too open... well... you can think that. But I find that topics such as miscarriage and infertility are not talked about enough in a world where they are all too common. Other women are out there suffering through the same troubles and have no reference to go by, so I am trying to make it my goal to be sure those women have somewhere to go, someone who had been there as well, that they can relate to. When I was looking for information, I had a hard time finding it. Sadly, my best friend lost her second child in much the same way I lost this one, so I did have her story to reference, but not too much more. If you have to go through this, you are not alone!


April Ficklin said...

Hi Allison, I too think sharing openly about these experiences is important. I wrote a poem about my own miscarriage if you are ever interested in reading it.

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

I also went through this on May 23rd 2003. I had a very hard time with it, because now you will see women everywhere pg. and think oh that should be me. I had a mental break down that December when I was suppose to be having that baby. My friend had her first little girl. I went over to her house and held her and then the next day I lost it. I spent a week in the mental ward at the hospital. I have a very sensitive heart to things like this it hurts me deeply, but I often hide behind a mask of jokes or stupid comments. I pray you let your self grieve the loss of the precious life that live in side you for such a short time. You let me know when you need prayer and I will be there. Love Sandy

Sandi said...

I had a d&c for my first miscarriage, but it was a horrible experience. I am so glad that this was not too traumatic for you. Praying for you as yoou recover, especially for your heart.


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