Monday, April 18, 2011

Top 10: Things I am not missing with the kids gone

The kids are away this week visiting Mimi & Poppy. Yes, I miss them, but the peace and quiet is amazing!

Tune in tomorrow for the Top 10 things I do miss... but today here's 10 things I'm not missing.

  1. Being woken up in the morning with cries of hunger or needs for the potty.
  2. Mac's inability to poop on the potty.
  3. Breaking up 10 fights a day.
  4. Watching Max & Ruby, Wubbzy or The Fresh Beat Band.
  5. Making 3 different meals for dinner to accommodate the allergies and the pickiness.
  6. Having to share my cookies and snacks.
  7. SB's diva attitude.
  8. Having to share Marshall.
  9. Kids who won't sleep.
  10. Having my writing interrupted.

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