Tuesday, May 31, 2011

On My Way to the Bathroom...

On a non-particular morning, not too long ago, the kids were happily munching on breakfast and my email had been checked and I thought I would quickly excuse myself to the "powder room." (Why do we call it a powder room, anyway? We don't apply a lot of powder in there...) Moms understand this. It doesn't matter if you need to go or not, but it's a chance to go uninterrupted without small humans bursting through the door asking for something they couldn't possibly wait 2 minutes for - you know, something like a hug or the answer to life's biggest questions.

Anyway, I discreetly got up to use the bathroom and grabbed the basket of folded laundry from the night before off the bench and took it to my room. "I had better put this away now, while I'm thinking about it," I said to myself. So I put away the shirts, shorts, and underthings.

I realized that my bedroom door barely opened. Our dirty laundry had overflowed to the point of blocking the door from opening all the way. I had better start a load in the washer (using my newly home-made detergent!). I pick through the clothes grabbing like-colored items that will need to be washed for the coming week and take that basket to the laundry room.

I start the load, again nodding my head in self-approval at my amazing powers of making my own laundry detergent, and close the lid. Mac's sheets are still in the dryer, so I put them on for another tumble just to be sure they're dry when I notice a sparkly purple bucket on the dryer. It was a birthday party favor SB had gotten at a party the week before. "I need to carry this inside," I thought.

I brought it into the kitchen and picked through the contents, removing anything harmful like M&Ms and Twix and leaving the things I would allow - bubbles and chalk. At the bottom of the bucket I noticed the new toothbrush and toothpaste the dentist had given the same day of the party. I plucked those things out and set them on the counter and took the bucket to SB's room for her to play with later.

I again picked up the toothbrush and toothpaste and carried them to the bathroom and put them in the cabinet to be used soon when the current items were ready to be tossed.

Then it hit me...I had gotten up in the first place to go to the bathroom! I had finally made it to the right room. Finally!

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