Monday, May 2, 2011

The Will

Today we go to make out our wills.

It's a morbid thought. What happens after we die? Not to us - but to those we love.

Will the kids be taken care of? Will they have everything they will need despite being parentless? Let's pray this never becomes an issue, but much like when we banked SB's cord blood, we'd rather have an unnecessary expense than encounter a problem and not have this in place.

Before we had children, I used to think of who I would give what to. Who would get my engagement ring, who would we give our TV and other items of value to. Now all I care about is making sure my children are cared for.

We have people chosen to take the children if something happened to us. Dear, dear family members of ours who we think will give the kids a strong Christian upbringing and keep them near family. We purposely did not choose either set of parents.

All our assets will go to the kids - the engagement and wedding rings, the stocks and bonds, and anything else of any redeeming value we own.

But it's hard, facing one's on mortality. Especially with young children to consider.

Again, let's pray this is a complete non-issue.

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Abby C said...

Yup! We wrote the kids a letter this past year in case something happened to one of us. YUCK. I sobbed. Still, I want them to KNOW how much we loved them.


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