Thursday, June 30, 2011

4th of July Celebration Ideas

Independence Day is fast approaching, and I thought I would cover some family-fun activities we could all give a try this weekend:

  1. Host a Neighborhood Parade. Okay, if you're like me, there are no other neighborhood kids, but maybe do a Facebook invite and ask your friends to come over for a mini-parade, some lemonade and cookies.
  2. Light Sparklers, set off small-time fireworks, or just use some glowsticks to have twilight fun.
  3. Play Games - like Flag Relay where kids run little flags back and forth. The winners can get some yummy cakepops.
  4. Make cakepops. If you're not familiar with these sinfully delicious and easy-to-make treats, check out bakerella's site.
  5. Host a lemonade stand. And be super-sweet and donate the money to a good cause like the United Way or a local mission organization.
  6. Make fans. We all know it's about 10 bajillion degrees in SC in July (what? It is!), so these useful and patriotic fans would be a smash! 
  7. Have a water-balloon fight. Come on, adults, you can join in, too.
  8. Tell the kids WHY we have Independence Day - tea parties, Jefferson and Washington, the whole bit. Extra credit for acting it out with costumes.
  9. Have a cookout. Invite over the fam and friends and crank up the old grill! Burgers, dogs, corn - what more could you ask for?
  10. Watch Fireworks. Of course - this is a no-brainer.


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