Friday, August 19, 2011

How much are your groceries?

Today I read an article about reducing grocery bills. And I'm all about bring thrifty, so I perked up reading the tips.

I highly recommend it! We follow several of her tips already (taking food out of the big boxy packages, organizing the cabinet, etc) and I do find that it helps. We aren't wasting food.

According to one book (referenced in the article), Americans waste 40% of their food. That means that for every $1,000 you spend, you're essentially throwing $400 in the trash. Ouch!

The USDA has estimated what groceries should cost per person for 4 plans - thrifty, low-cost, moderate and liberal. I'm thrifty, so that's what I went by.

$643.80 a month! For thrifty? The liberal plan was $1054! For a month!

I'm still baffled at the $643.
My grocery budget for a month is literally half that. $80 a week = $320 a month. That's my budget. I try really hard to spend between $40-60 a week on groceries (Most weeks I can make the $60. Occasionally I use the whole budget of $80, sometimes I can get away with $40.)

Now, factor in our eating out. We eat out too much. Let's say we eat out once a week for about $30. That's $120 a month. Let's round up to $150 to be liberal.

So $320 plus $150 is $470 for food per month. That's still $173 LESS than what the USDA says.

I'm guess I'm better at being thrifty than I thought!


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