Friday, September 2, 2011

Caption Contest Winners!

Yay! Our caption contest has come to a close! Thanks to everyone who took time to post a caption for this photo:

We got some great captions, including:

"Let me look into my crystal ball, I see...I see...I see ME...and I look great!"
" comes a sucker texting away on their phone...definitely gonna get a good scare out of them when I move..."
"Honestly darling, how am I expected to wear this on my finger, it's better as a pendant."

And so many more!

But Marshall and I deliberated and came up with our top three.

In 3rd place, is, "They did a great job cleaning my duck pin bowling ball, I can see myself in it!" from Karen! Karen will get $5 off a Love Letters order (visit my Etsy page)

In 2nd place, receiving Half Off a Love Letters order is El Roberto with, "PC...nah, MAC....Nah, Ipad...Nah...., no need for technology...I HAVE A FREAKING MAGIC 8 BALL!!"

And our grand prize winner, who will receive an 11x14 Love Letters "HOPE" print (ready to frame!) is April with:
"Silly magical wish ball... I said I wanted a little more junk in the trunk, not more junk and a little trunk."

I gotta tell you, Marshall and I debated for a few minutes on our favorites until he eventually said, "It's your blog, you choose." So I did. But we did agree on which ones were quite funny!

Thanks to all who entered!


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