Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weaning of a different kind

I was a very strict weaner when my kids were small.

SB's last bottle was on the day of her first birthday and then they were gone. We spent all of her 11th month transitioning from formula to whole milk so that on her first birthday she was formula and bottle free.

With Mac it was a little different. Since he came to us at 10 months old and had never had a solid food before, we delayed. He was 15 months old when we got him off the bottle and formula. But again, I was strict about it.

But then the allergies started. With Mac being allergic to dairy and soy, factored in with his inability to gain weight, he was put onto a high calorie milk substitute called Peptamen Junior.

Basically this junk smelled like vanilla & cotton candy flavored spoiled milk. It took months to get used to the smell, but Mac loved it. We began calling it Mac-Milk. His favorite thing in the world is Mac-Milk.

But now he's outgrown his allergies. He can have all the wonders of true dairy now. It's time for the Mac-Milk to go bye-bye.
But he loves it.
But it's time for it to go.
But it makes him happy.
But it stinks.

So over the last month or so we've been making the transition. Just like with formula, it's 3/4 Mac-Milk, 1/4 milk. Then half and half. Now we're at about 1/3 Mac-Milk and 2/3 regular milk.

This week there were 6 cans left in a box and I decided we were not opening another box (let me tell you - we least 6 BOXES of this stuff left - 24 cans to a box). Now, since I took this picture, we have used up one can and have opened another. So less than 5 cans left.

This has been the Mac-Milk shelf on our fridge for 2 years. It holds 8 cans which used to be about 2.5-3 days of Mac-Milk.

I'm so happy to be weaning him off of this stuff. But it's also a little sad. He's growing up. And while I'm so thrilled the allergy is gone, it means so is my baby.

So we had a little talk yesterday about the Mac-Milk. I showed him what was in the fridge and told him when those were gone there was no more Mac-Milk. He's a big boy now and doesn't need it. He seemed a little sad at no more, but I think he got it. And he's very excited about REAL Chocolate Milk.

And I'm also excited to get my fridge space back.


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