Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Nuisance of Modern Convenience

I love my cell phone. And my laptop. And facebook, and blogs and pinterest. I love my apps.

I love all those little things that make my life easier. But easier is so much harder for those things that I can't press a button to have done (yet).

There is no app for washing dishes. So I check twitter instead.
I can't sit back and fold laundry, but I can sit back and read blogs all day.
Writing my book is not as easy as posting a status update.
My kids are hungry, but instead of cooking, I'm on looking up recipes to foods they won't eat.

My wonderful, lovely modern conveniences are creating a huge nuisance for the rest of my life! For instance, right now I could be washing dishes, folding laundry or playing with the 10,000 children in my house. Instead I'm blogging. Because I love you best, apparently.

And don't get me started on my phone. We cancelled the home phone a few months ago and just use cell phones. Except my old phone only accepted every other call. And it would go silent - completely silent to where it needed to be rebooted to make sound - at least once a day. It was a crappy phone and only a few months old. Thankfully my hubby got me a new phone this week! Yay!

But it's not just a phone. It had an 8 megapixel camera! Seriously? In a phone? So it's a camera phone. And it has apps. Coloring apps, facebook, twitter, apps to track what I eat, what I spend, even apps to track my monthly cycle. Seriously. It's all convenience which means that as I stuff my face I can track how many calories I am consuming, get depressed, and eat some more.

If I spent one hour less on the computer each day, I could get so much more done. However, blogging is something I'm trying to do to build a following so that when I am one day a published author, you all will go out and purchase 10,000 copies of my book so it will be a best seller.

Okay. I feel better now, I just walked away, swept the floor, and came back.


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