Friday, October 7, 2011

To Do or Not To Do?

Christmas is a year-round thought for me. I start the count-down in January. Seriously. On Dec 26 I announce that there are 364 days left until Christmas (365 this coming 12/26, since 2012 is a leap year).

So I start shopping early. I like to spread out the cost. And I like to order my cards very early and I usually send them out the week after Thanksgiving.

But this year...see...this year I'm not sure I'm going to do cards.

I know! I know! I need to! I should! I finally have a gorgeous picture I want to use!

But it's the price. $25 for cards. Then another $20+ for postage? Eek. We're approaching $50 for CARDS. Cards that people will throw away (I can only hope they will save our picture, that's why I send cards, after all, to share our pictures).

So I am thinking of not doing Christmas cards - at least not getting the fancy printed one. Maybe just a generic card with a 4x6 print in it. And maybe not mailing cards this year. E-cards for those far away and hand out cards to those we see. So maybe $15 for picture printing? I think we have generic cards somewhere (or the Dollar Store has boxes).

I'd much rather do that and save my $35 for Disney World (and yes, that is more important this year than you getting a card). Will you still love me even if I don't send you a Christmas card this year? I hope so.


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