Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Pinterest Makes

Who doesn't love Pinterest? Right? It's the best site on the web these days, especially for a DIYer. Or an aspiring DIYer.

So I thought I would share my Pinterest makes with you!

Food-wise I've done a few things.

The Pinterest example
I made this sliced potato, but I did not take a picture of it. They were simple to make but did not turn out quite like I imagined. They were good, though - something of a potato chip and a baked potato love child.

This was called "Sunshine in a jar"

The Pinterest example
I made this for SB's birthday last week. It was super-easy - just color your cake batter, put into the jars and bake (put the jars in a baking dish with about 1/4" water). My 4oz jars baked about 35 minutes, then add icing and enjoy!

What I made
Also, for the icing, I used this method: 

From Pinterest
I did three colors in the bag and got this result:

My cupcakes
You put each color icing in its own bag, then put all the bags into one bag with the coupler and tip. The colors swirl, but don't mix until coming out the tip!

For clothing, you will recall I made Disney and Christmas shirts using felt made appliques and tshirts. This was my inspiration:


And I made these:

This is next on my list:

I will post it when I get it done, hopefully soon. The magnetic chores are in the center with each child's name at an end...once a chore is completed, they can move that magnet to their end and earn the money designated. I'm hoping it will help the kids learn responsibility, hard work and the value of money.


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