Monday, December 12, 2011

Why I'm Glad I Have a Girl

I am so glad I have a daughter. From the time I was small, I knew my first child would be a girl. We are a family of girls. My grandmother had three girls, who in turn had 3 girls (and one randomly tossed in boy) and my girl cousins greatly outweigh my boy cousins. So I knew I would have a girl first.

So when I was pregnant, we did not find out our child's gender ahead of time. I knew we couldn't change it, so I figured why find out. But I was overjoyed when she was born and the doctor announced that she was a girl.

Now, the downside is that we are so very similar we butt heads a lot. I do mean a lot. And she's only five. But the upside of that is that she is just like me! I love it! She's independent and smart and quite the looker. Haha!

SB is amazing. I love her personality, even if it does clash with my own often. She's just so much fun.
And she's girly. I mean girly. If it's pink, sparkles, shines or has a kitty on it - she loves it. She loves to shop, and twirl, and draw.

Accessory Queen
I really look forward to having the relationship with her that I have with my mom. I love my mom. She's my best friend. I hope that one day when SB is grown I can be her best friend, too. Until then, though, I will be her mean and head-butting mother. And I'm down with that, yo.

I am so glad I have a daughter. It's part of what makes me feel complete. I think every woman should have a daughter (and a son, but we covered that before). God really blessed me with her!


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