Monday, January 30, 2012

What I Learned at Disney

We had a great time at Disney World, but then, who doesn't? Right? It was awesome and magical and all that stuff you think of. Blah, we've all heard it before.

But here are a few things I learned in Disney World that one might not expect.
  • Timeshares are truly awesome. Hotels are not. We are so lucky that we were incredibly stupid years ago and bought a time share. That meant that instead of a hotel room, we had a 1200 square foot condo to stay in. We had a full kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and 3 televisions. (At home, we only have one bathroom and one television - this was so cool!) We *heart* timeshares!
  • The lines at Disney aren't really as long as they say. At least in January... We had several lines that said 20 minutes, but we never waited that long - and that was a good thing. And that was more or less the longest wait time we had for anything that didn't have a fastpass.
  • Leggings are NOT ATTRACTIVE! Unless you're a size 2, don't wear them. And please, for the love of God, please don't bend over. Not only do I not want to see the out line of your panties, I also don't want to know the color and pattern on them. We can see right through those leggings!
  • Children are old as 10 can comfortably ride in a stroller and still fall asleep. Seriously. I was shocked, too.
  • Soft-sided coolers are the best invention ever. We took our lunch, snacks and drinks every day with us into the park because we're cheap thrifty on a budget. Sure we bought some ice creams, but otherwise, nada! It was a lifesaver (those lines were longer than the ride ones!).
  • You can eat like a horse and still lose weight! I think our entire group would agree. We ate - very well - between the packed lunches, snacks, ice cream and homemade meals every night complete with cookies. But with all the walking around, we managed to come out on top. My mother-in-law lost 2 pounds last week!
  • When your child is scared of characters with giant heads, be grateful they even get into the picture in the first place. SB is scared to death of characters with fake heads (as I've said before) and this was no exception. She was a little wary of all the characters. Mac - no fear. Ever!    

  • Portable DVD players are the bomb. When you're in the car for 12 hours, you need entertainment. Our old DVD player broke a while back, but we were able to borrow a friend's and it was amazing. Wall-E, Shrek and Peanuts kept the kids entertained for HOURS! 
  • My kids really are growing up. SB rode her first full-sized roller coasters this week. I can't believe it! Her words after her first one, "That was awesome. Let's do it again!"  
  • There really is magic in Disney World. It was amazing watching my kids' faces light up like they did. It literally brought tears to my eyes seeing how things affected them. *sigh* It was grand!


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