Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's a Miracle to me...

I hope my cousin doesn't mind my blogging about her, because I'm going to do it anyway.

When Marshall and I started dating 13+ years ago, my cousin, Heather, was a single mom with a young toddler running around.
Marshall and I prayed for God to work in Heather's life. That she would find a life mate that would accept her daughter with open arms, that she would find happiness, and that she would accept Christ as her savior.

We prayed this for many years. In all that time, Heather bought a house - on her own, held a wonderful job, raised her daughter, and began to go to church.

And a few years ago, Heather married a wonderful man who loved not only her, but her 12-year-old as well. She and her daughter were baptized into the Holy Family of God.

And just last week, while talking on the phone, I was getting choked up because she was telling me she knew that God was at work, that God could do miracles and that people just needed to have faith. I was trying so hard not to cry and alarm her, but I was so proud of her.

It may not seem like much to you. But for me - someone who has prayed for the salvation of her entire family, but especially her wonderful, dear cousin - this is a miracle. One day, when I get to heaven, I know that Heather will also be going, too.

I can't say it was our prayers that did this - certainly not. But I know that through our prayers, the prayers of others and her willingness to accept God's calling in her life, a miracle of faith did happen.

And it can happen for you and your loved ones, too. Never give up.

Heather - if you read this - I love you. You are truly an inspiration to me and many others. And we know that God will prevail!


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