Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stopping the Spoiled

I really think my kids are spoiled.

I mean, seriously, they are spoiled. They do come from a middle-class American family, so they are automatically more privileged than a majority of the world. But really, they have way more than they could ever want.
New toys are forgotten in an hour, they think money is just automatically there.

I don't know how to stop the spoiled. I mean, they are starting to stink with rot now.

I think one of my goals this week will be to ELIMINATE - again. Every few months I throw away a garbage bag or two full or toys (usually one for trash, one for goodwill). But I think in the next few weeks I will work on serious elimination. That means cutting SB's babies down from 10 to maybe 2 or 3. And Mac's 7 Lightning McQueens - who needs 7 of the same car?

We already don't allow traditional birthday gifts. We ask all the children to bring in a small gift and we do an exchange. So my kids each get one, and each child there gets one. Win/win in my world. And it cuts down on the gifts.

And I started a chore chart, but I'm not great at keeping up with it, and neither are the kids. They do the chores they want - so cleaning up is forgotten, while easy things like making the bed or vacuuming their room is done quickly.

They also watch too much TV. I guess I need to cut that down, too. That's a biggie. Tough during rainy winters, but still, necessary.

I need to get rid of the spoiled before my children simply turn rotten - and I see that starting already. Sb is channeling Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Any advice?


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