Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wedding Gifts

A dear friend of ours is getting married next month, so I was looking online at their registries last night. And laughing.

I remember when Marshall and I were getting married. We were 22 years old and had a mixture of everything and nothing. We both had toasters - that were each 10 years old and were faulty. We both had a set of spoons and spatulas from the dollar store that were half-melted. We both had towels from the day our parents had shipped us off to college, completely mismatched and frayed.

So when we were told to point the little scanner gun at anything we wanted - we sure did! Towels, a knife block, a Kitchen-Aid mixer (Thank you, Aunt Patty - I still use it!), even kitchen gadget, every soft towel.

And it seems our friend and his fiance did much the same (except our knife block was like $40, their registered one is $150!).

Some things were awesome - the Kitchen-Aid, the electric can opener (8.5 years later we still use it!), the towels.
But some things were totally useless. The shaved ice maker? Yeah, not really. Great gift, but we never touched it. Same with a few other things.

One thing we didn't even both to register for was "fine china." Really? We live in rural South Carolina. We don't use fine china. When we have guests over, we use Chinet because I don't want to have to wash dishes. Pffft - fine china. I have a friend who received all 8 place settings of very fine china she had registered for. Nine years later she said, "I don't know why we did that. We've never touched used them, and that stupid hutch takes up a ton of room. I would have rather that money gone towards our honeymoon."

Wedding gifts are fun to receive and fun to buy. The best one I ever bought for a couple was a picnic basket filled with cheap plates, cups and wine glasses. Include a bottle of wine and viola! The perfect date night picnic for two - it's fun and intimate.

What was the best wedding gift you ever received? That you ever gave?


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