Monday, March 5, 2012

Registering for School

This week I get to register my adorable 8 pound baby for kindergarten.
Except she's 5 and weighs 50 pounds and she's NOT A BABY ANYMORE!!!

I have been anticipating this day for years. I get to send her to school all day long! So exciting! I can write more, I can spend one-on-one time with Mac (and now, apparently, the one who will be arriving around that time, too). I can get stuff done.

Except now that actual registration is upon us, I'm panicking. I'm not ready to send my sweet little baby out into the world. Kids are cruel. And she won't be with her bestest preschool friends anymore.

I really thought I would be living it up with SB going to Kindy. But I'm not. At least not right now. The best thing about the kids' preschool is that I know all the moms, I know the director, I know what they do. And elementary school is the beginning of my not knowing her every move. I'm so glad she's growing up, but I'm mourning over the little girl she's growing out of.

Maybe it's just hormones talking. And I'm sure by August, when school starts, I'll be shoving her out the door. Maybe.


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