Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Rose Ceremony

I am not a Bachelor watcher. I think it's the stupidest idea for a television show ever invented. Even more stupid than Punk'd or Teen Mom.
I mean, seriously, we watch a very rich and eligible bachelor (or bachelorette!) who can't seem to find love through traditional means (or go on television to make out with a dozen big-breasted slutty woman who need a man (or a dozen well-toned men who wanted to get laid). And then the claws come out, and the women are seemingly forced into going further than one would ever think possible on television where both his and her parents are watching every move.

But anyway...the point is that the person searching for their soul mate amid the television cameras somehow narrows the list down to six women by giving the chosen ones a rose. These are the people he thinks he might want to spend the rest of his life with. Let's forget about the fact that all they do it make out, Hunky man thinks these ladies might be "the one."

Which made me think - what would *I* give a rose to because I couldn't live without it.
I thought about doing all people, but then someone would feel all left out and not sexy enough because they didn't get a rose.
So I opted to think of six things I would bestow a rose on non person-related.

  1. My Kindle. Oh, how I love your easy reading and your availability of free books. I definitely choose you...
  2. Sweet Tea. I'm addicted to you, you know. I haven't spent time with you I would like lately because of being pregnant, but I promise you're still my favorite.
  3. Chocolate. You make life sane and sweet. You're rich, too. I love you.
  4. My Bible. In the midst of life's chaos, you keep me straight. You have all the right words and advice and are a solid rock in my life.
  5. Clocks. I am such a stickler for time and you know it. How well you keep me and my life on track. I need you!
  6. My camera. You capture every moment. You're there for me day and night. You give me laughs and great memories. I can't live without you.
So there are my 6 non-living life mates. I'm glad I don't have to narrow it down any further...

This post was written using MamaKat's writing prompt.


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