Friday, March 9, 2012

Sorry About the Toilet Paper, Family

Dear Family,

I am so sorry I bought that crappy toilet paper from the discount store for $1.99. It was a bad, bad decision.
When I looked at those four rolls all wrapped up, they looked thick, and quilted, and squishy. Oh! How they deceived me...
No, instead they are so thin I can see through them, so scratchy I don't want it touching human skin, and so horrid it takes 20 squares to accomplish a normal 3 square job.

I am sorry, Family, for subjecting you to this terrible TP all in the name of "cheap." Yes, I was trying to be cheap. I was couponless and just trying to save a few dollars. But now I know! Never sacrifice ripples and quilting for $2! It's not worth it!

It's just not worth it.

So use up that junk quickly - I know it won't take long - and I promise your tush some real pampering next week. Promise.



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