Thursday, April 19, 2012

7 Things My Pet Thought Today

We have several pets. Two long haired Chihuahuas, three outside cats, and the two new turtles.

The turtles are the newest members of the family, and I'm sure they are looking at us, completely perplexed as to why and how we spend all day out of water. Here's what I think they thought today.

1. How do you live outside of water?
2. Oo! Someone is walking by. I hope it's time to eat!
3. Please stop this other turtle from climbing on me.
4. I love the waterfall feature in our house. It's very posh.
5. Someone else walked by! Feed me!
6. Please stop tapping on our glass house.
7. Ahhh, I love the (artificial) sunlight that beams directly onto me. So cozy!

The turtles, Lightning and Ariel, are very cute and a joy to watch. I'm sure they think we're all nuts.

This post was written as part of MamaKat's Weekly Writing Prompts.


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