Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby Update

I went to a fetal specialist this week because I've been having some issues with bleeding during this pregnancy. I can not tell you enough how scary it is to bleed while pregnant, so we were looking for some answers.

And we got some. It seems I've had some placenta degeneration. I have tried looking up info that didn't sound pertifying, but everything online seems to jump to worst case scenarios. The issue is that part of my placenta has disappeared - just a small portion - and that is what's causing the bleeding. The Doctor said not to worry, it happens fairly frequently, and everything should be fine.

The baby looked great. We got a few pictures, heard the heartbeat, and watched him/her wiggle around a little bit. I'm feeling a lot more movement now, which is very reassuring. I'm waiting for those big punches!

The tech did find the gender and sealed up the results. They are now in the hands of my BFF who will rig up a surprise for our reveal party in 2 weeks! (Don't hate if you don't dig reveals, I think it's awesome!)

So here's a picture of our little one!


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