Monday, April 16, 2012


I am a purger. I like to get rid of things.

Now, looking around my house, I look like the Queen of Clutter, but I promise that's not it. Queen of Chaos maybe - which might manifest in clutter.

But I love to get rid of things. Shopping is fun, but eliminating is my high. And living with two hoarders (my hubby and daughter), I have a real battle on my hands.

This week I've been getting rid of stuff. Maybe I'm nesting already, but this week alone I threw away 5 trash bags of broken, unwanted, unused items. And then I just took another 5 trash bags of clothes and toys to Goodwill.

Ten trash bags of junk gone from my house. I felt so giddy after, I got myself a milkshake and was literally jumping around like someone had just told me I won $1,000! I would love to get rid of another 10 bags, but the packrats might wind up fighting me for some things.

I'm just so happy that I got rid of so much! Seriously - we don't need all the junk we have. I would rather donate/sell/trash it!


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