Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Best Things About Being a Grown-Up

I still wonder when I became a grown-up. Was it when I turned 18? When I got married? Had children? Hit 30?
I have no idea, but somehow it happened. I'm an adult. A grown-up.

There are perks to being a person of a certain advanced age. In case you haven't become a grown-up yet, here are the things you have to look forward to:

  1. Eating what you want, when you want. If you honestly want cake for dinner, you can have it. Of course, with being an adult I find I want things like squash and broccoli for dinner - but still you can have what you want when you want it. So if you really want broccoli at 10pm, you can do it. It's awesome. 
  2. Making decisions for yourself. If you want to take the job in Spokane, you can. If you want to write a blog, you can. If you want to get married, have children, buy a house, or just go shopping - you can. No need to check with the 'rents about it. If you are married, however, you might want to check with a spouse before moving cross country or making a large purchase.
  3. Naps. Naps come back when you're an adult. They're awesome. I love naps. Everyone should love naps.
  4. Watching R-rated movies. You mean you watched them as a kid? Well, shame on your parents! Even still, as an adult, you can watch whatever you want. Just don't be surprised when it's the History Channel that interests you the most sometimes.
  5. Getting married. This is highly recommendable to anyone over the age of 21 who has found the person God has chosen for them. Life alone stinks, and while sharing it with someone else can be tough, it's so worth it in the end!
  6.  Wisdom. The saying is true - with age, comes wisdom. I know I have a lot left to gain, but I think I have some. I look at my kids and other kids around me and I think - if only they would listen to my wisdom, they could avoid the heartaches I went through as a child (and especially as a teen). But they have to make those mistakes on their own, just like I did. But I am so glad I now have the wisdom those experiences gave me. 
So those are some of the best things about being an adult. There are many crummy things - driving, paying bills, etc. But for the most part, I like being an adult. As long as I remember how to be a kid every now and again.

This post was inspired by MamaKat's Writing Prompt.

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