Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Time I had No Friends

Last summer I had been complaining to my husband and mother that I had no friends. We had been at our current church for 3 years but I still felt like I had no personal relationships (in a church of over 2000, it's hard!). I knew plenty of people, but didn't have real friends. And to top it off - my BFF had moved across the country so I was feeling especially down.

At the encouragement of my mom and husband, I decided to invite a huge bunch of women out for a night on the town. (And, thankfully, the BFF had moved back home already!) We went out to eat and to a new wine bar. Seven women showed up. Most of them had never met the others. By the end of the night, phone numbers and facebooks were exchanged.

It was magical. I had been so worried I couldn't pull the group off, but it was a hit. We decided to meet monthly as a chance to get away. I dubbed us the "No Kids Allowed Mom's Club." We currently have about a dozen or so ladies. Some come each month, some sporadically. Some invite friends or sisters and every one is welcome. The only qualification is that you want to relax, spend time with some great girls, and converse with someone of an adult variety.

This month marked out one-year anniversary of meeting. I cannot believe that a year later we're still going strong! We have become friends! We can call on each other when we need something, we can laugh and cry over everything and anything. And even right now - 4 of us are expecting...something none of us expected!

Last weekend this wonderful group threw me a surprise baby shower. I was so humbled. I emailed one girl later asking for her address to send her a thank you, and her reply was that the email was thanks enough and that I was awesome. It made me smile so big. I have friends.

A year ago I would have told you I was quite down on my luck in the friend department. Good friends. Friends I could call on when I needed them. And this year - they threw me a baby shower. I have friends who love me and I love in return.

I am so blessed! I can't wait to see what the future holds for our group!

If you are feeling like you're in a friendless slump - call up some ladies! Moms from school, your Bible study, college friends who are still in the area - anyone - and invite them out! It will bless your socks off even if only one or two ladies come the first time. We women must make an effort to maintain these relationships. It's so easy to let family, job, etc get in the way of fellowship with other women. Make the effort and I promise you will be blessed!

Here is some of what we have done as a group:
  • Went to a wine bar
  • Movies
  • Dinner
  • Painting Class
  • Chick-Flick Night
  • Dinner parties
  • Saw a comedienne 
  • Spa & pizza night
  • Christmas shopping


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