Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cosmetic Procedures on Kids

Last week my beautiful daughter, SB, lost her first tooth. It's all very exciting and she got WAY more than anyone should ever got for a simple tooth - a Merida (from Brave) doll, $4 from my mom and $1 from me (who she knows is the Tooth Fairy).

Why so much for a tooth? Well, she didn't lose it in the conventional way. It was pulled.

You see - about 18 months ago SB had a run-in with a window sill. The window won. And while her mouth and tooth completely healed - one of her front teeth was left permanently blackened from the trauma.

Marshall and I discussed our options and finally decided with kindergarten coming up next month, the tooth needed to go. There was too much potential for teasing - something SB has already dealt with where the tooth is concerned.

So last week she went to the dentist - Merida in hand - and had her tooth pulled. She was very brave, my sweet girl. She doesn't remember a thing about the extraction, thankfully, and she recovered beautifully.

SB looks so grown up now with a tooth missing. And she was very excited about not being teased anymore - in fact it was the first thing she said when it was done...that no one would point out her black tooth any more.

Was it a vanity move? Yes. Yes it was. I read an article not long ago about a mom catching flack for having her daughter's large ears pinned back for purely cosmetic reasons. But you know what? When your child is being teased and there's a way for you to remove or fix the issue - as a parent, you do it! No matter the cost or berating from others, you do what you can to protect your child.

I looked at SB today and the gap where her tooth used to be and I think we made a wonderful decision for our child. Something that will boost her confidence and brighten her smile. And that makes it all worth it!


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