Thursday, March 28, 2013

Duck Wisdom

If you haven't been watching Duck Dynasty you're missing out. This little gem airs on A&E and it's about a family who makes duck calls. Except, it's nothing about the duck calls, but the quirks and nuances of the Robertson family.''

This is a family of bearded rednecks who do all kinds of silly (and fun) things, but at the end of the day sit down for a family meal and pray.
The patriarch of the family, Phil, has turned into a Christian speaker, which is awesome. He shares he faith and is quick to credit God with all he has.
Willie is the CEO of their business. He's just as crazy as the rest of them. But I greatly admire him and his wife, Korie, because they are adoptive parents! I love seeing adoption shed in a wonderful light in real life!

But the real gem of this show is Uncle Si. His words of wisdom (words of pure craze?) have become iconic to Duck Dynasty fans! I mean, who comes up with this stuff other than Si?

"Whether you're talkin' about bees, dogs or women, Pain can come up on you QUICKLY ..."

"Hey, I'm telling you we can't fix this. You can't fix stupid."

"Work hard. Nap hard. Hey, that's what I always say, Jack."

Si is a HOOT! They all are. If you're not watching this gem, tune in! Trust me - the words of wisdom abound!

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