Monday, October 4, 2010

Game Day Dresses

I'll be the first to admit I'm not a huge football fan. I mean, I don't watch a ton of it, I don't seek it out. I don't understand half of what the refs of do.

But I will tell you I'm a HUGE Clemson fan. All the way. I spent four of the best years at Clemson in Tiger Band. I played in almost every football game Clemson played between 1998-2001 (count 1998, so that is 4 years). I was in it for the band and the camaraderie, not the football.

Before I graduated from college, I had NEVER attended a football game without being in a band uniform. Never. In my world football = wearing a wool uniform. In fact, my senior year at Clemson I wrote an article for Clemson World Magazine talking about being in the band and also what I would wear to Clemson games once I was out of uniform. My dream football outfit: tshirt and jeans.

Since graduating in 2002 I have attended a fair number of games (usually leaving right after the band's halftime show). I have happily donned an orange or purple tshirt and blue jeans each time. It's comfortable, it's in spirit and it's comfortable (what - did I say that twice?).

But as I cruised through campus this past weekend, I noticed the large number of ladies NOT wearing jeans. In fact, they had no bottoms on at all - they were all in dresses. Short dresses. Many in strapless short dresses.

I don't understand why anyone attending a sporting event would think it a good idea to wear a miniskirt. I mean - you can't bend over (okay, you can, but the girl I saw bend over probably didn't realize just how much she was showing off. Or maybe she did and did it on purpose...another story there). It's not conducive to jumping around and cheering and fist pumping (fist pumping in a strapless dress? Yeah, asking for trouble!).

So I just don't get the outfits. Today I saw a girl wearing a wrap-around orange dress (all dresses must be some variation of orange, blue or purple). She was struggling to get up one of Clemson's many large hills while keeping her lady parts covered because her dress kept flapping open. WHY??? Why not wear jeans, or at the very least a slightly longer skirt with leggins?

I also saw a large number of girls who's skirts would have not been allowed in my high school (we had a rule that bottoms must be at the finger-tips). These dresses barely covered underwear - and I'm hoping they were wearing that at least.

I mean, I saw some girls who looked like purple and orange street walkers today. Girls in single-strap silk dresses, girls wearing nothing more than large bandannas. I tried to take some incognito pictures... I'll show you what I mean...
Chicks in dresses, example 1

Streetwalker, I mean girl, in extremely short skirt who showed me more than I wanted to see...

See? Who wears that to a football game? I mean, I get that you're not playing on the field, but still, it's a sporting event, not a homecoming dance. Dress appropriately.
And just for good measure - some men dress oddly as well... A sport jacket? Yeah - total frat boy. but I love the pants!

Frat boy wearing a sport jacket, at a football game, in 80 degree weather.
I just love these pants...who wouldn't love these?


Unknown said...

This happens at every college. At Coastal most of the people that were dressed like they were pretending to be somewhere else were doing so for sororities and fraternities. The band section was always beside the cheap student section, so we always has a great view of the football fashion show!

Allison said...

Yes, Kathy, most are sorors and frat boys. But still... no excuse. Must be why I wasn't ever in a sorority!

MB said...

Okay, I'll give you the street walker in the second picture.

I think the other girls are dressed fine. I wear dresses out and about (and would wear one to a football game). When it's hot outside and crammed in with 80,000 other people - I really don't want to be wearing jeans. Makes my butt sweat just thinking about it. :)

Allison said...

Granted, the girls in my first picture were the MOST covered girls I saw the entire day in terms of dress wearing.

But the idea of wearing a dress makes MY butt sweat and I'd much rather have jeans there to soak it up than have sweat rolling down my butt and thigh! GROSS!

But I respect your opinion, Mrs. B...

Rhett said...

i'm with you. AMEN on the dresses - but let's talk about the lack of comfort in their SHOES!! where are the nikes people? that's what game day is all about! COMFORT - and winning. Good grief. Their mothers obviously didn't teach them how to be appropriate for the occasion ;)


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