Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Importance of a Letter

Before Christmas I posted a letter to the people who have custody of Mac's biological siblings.

I finally went out to the PO Box yesterday and found a letter waiting for me.

Now - this letter could have gone one of two way. First - it could have been wonderful and happy and open to having contact. Second - it could have said to leave them the h#ll alone and been done.

Thankfully it was of the first variety! The wife sent me a lovely letter talking about the children and them and that they would LOVE to maintain contact with us! And she sent pictures of the children.

I won't tell details, because they are not mine to tell of course. But if you know anything about Mac's adoption you know how hard it was - how heartbreaking it was.

All DSS adoptions are considered closed and we certainly want to keep it closed from the harmful people in Mac's past. But Mac and his siblings are not a part of that strife and they deserve to know each other, even if just a little. When they're older they can decide how they want to proceed with their relationships. So having even one correspondence from this family was amazing - Mac can know a loving birth family is out there! For an adopted child that means so very much.

I cried as I read the letter. This mother adores her children despite how they came to be with her - much like myself. She does not care who birthed them or how they came to be hers, just that they are hers completely. When Marshall asked me if I was okay in the midst of my tears, my only reply was, "I am so happy."

And I am. Mac (and in a way, SB) has siblings. Blood siblings who have gone through and will go through the same things as him and will deal with the same fall out as him and they can lean on each other. And their mom and I can hopefully help each other help our children.

Adoption creates families. But not just little nuclear families, but families that vine and branch and weave and grow with something so simple as a letter.

Thank you, Lord, for your providence.

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