Monday, January 24, 2011

The Road to Coolville

Last night my sweet adorable baby, who is about to turn three, came up to me and announced, "Momma, you are so not cool!"

What??? Why am I not cool anymore? That very morning he was snuggling with me saying how he was my baby and how he loved me. How quickly the tides change.

Not that long ago, I was cool. I was in a college fraternity (yes, fraternity is correct). Then I was a reporter - that is cool. Then I was a photographer - also very cool. Even in church I thought myself one of the "cool people" (Sorry if that sounds blasphemous, but you know what I mean - someone who knows everyone and is involved everywhere).

And now my toddler is telling me just how uncool I am? And saying it with such an air as if to say that everyone already knows and he's just cluing me in to be polite. Duh, mom. You are not cool any more.

Why can't moms be cool? I hope when my children get older than I'm the cool mom. Maybe I can find my way back to Coolville somehow...

Does anyone have directions?

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