Friday, January 21, 2011

Men are from Waffle House

...not Mars. And women are not from Venus, but Olive Garden, instead.

You see - men are waffles. Women are spaghetti. At least in the brain.


Men have one track minds. They can compartmentalize things in a way that Ikea would be jealous of. They take one topic off the shelf, open it, utilize it, then put it back away to move on to the next thing. This also explains why men are so takes forever for them to do this process.

Women's minds, on the other hand, are the furthest thing from compartmentalized. It's like riding one roller coaster after another - we go from idea to idea in the same thought. In fact, it's all just one continuous thought. We think quickly, we move quickly and we don't slow down.

I still recall one phone conversation I had in school. We started off talking about the cute boy in class. Then about how we looked. Then smiles. And before I knew it, we were comparing toothpaste. I think I was 11 or 12. Our ideas evolved and changed even though it was the same thought process.

My husband does not work this way. In fact, he is quick to point out when we talk that he is a waffle. "Allison, I have a waffle brain," he reminds me. Sometimes I think it's a wiffle brain, but I digress. He thinks about one thing at a time. Often I will remind him about something I had mentioned earlier. He has no clue as to what I am saying and I'll remind him I told him on XX day. He asks what he had been doing at the time. If he was doing anything at all - from watching NCIS to cooking to doing work - he will not remember because he did not have his "Pay Attention to Allison" bin pulled down from the Waffle Shelf.

However - when he tells me things, I am expected to remember. I can be folding laundry, helping someone in the potty, helping someone else spell their name, talk on the phone and STILL I know what he tells me. Usually. My mind is in 10 places at once, doing 10 different things and I keep going. There are no waffles in my head. Spaghetti all the way, to be sure.

I wanted to share this link to a sermon my pastor and his wife did last year called "First Comes Love." They explain the whole waffle/spaghetti thing really well. The whole video (about 45 minutes) is wonderful, but the waffle/spaghetti thing is at about 20 minutes in.

So, my husband be a waffle brain...but I love him anyway.

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sheridan said...

I need to read that book again! It is probably one of the best marriage books I have read!


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