Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heros: Take Fourteen. The Man at the Grocery Store

The Man at the Grocery Store. I don't know his name and likely never will.

Do you know the one I'm talking about? If you live in my little South Carolina town you do. I see him every so often, a loaf of bread in his left hand, his right hand free.

This man walks up to every person in the grocery, sticks out that free right hand for a shake and says, "Hello. Do you know the love of Jesus Christ?" He has a twinkle in his eye, a smile on his face and a love for Christ so powerful he has to walk around the store offering it to anyone who will listen.

I watched him go down the dairy aisle a while back, making his way from person to person. One or two people hightailed it out of the aisle before he got to them. Most shook his hand and simply nodded, ignoring him or saying a quick yes before moving on. The few times I've seen him I have yet to see someone respond with a "No" or be mean to this man.

When he approaches me he smiles - just as genuine as the last smile, but with no less passion for his ministry. The lines around his aged eyes are what I refer to as "happy wrinkles," built after a life spend smiling and loving others. He asks me if I have Jesus in my heart.

I could nod. I could just say yes and move on like every one else.
Instead, I give him a full, hearty shake and tell him, "Yes, sir. Jesus is the owner of my heart and I couldn't be happier."
His smile changes - gets bigger if possible. He asks where I attend church. I tell him and he nods, "That's a good church, there." I agree.

Then as simple as that, he moves on to the next person - aching to share the Good News with anyone who hasn't heard it and is willing to receive it.

Oh, I wish I had faith like that. I wish I wasn't afraid to approach people and share the love of Christ with them. I wish I wasn't afraid to let His light shine through me like this man. Lord, let me be free like that man at the grocery store.

And you know what? Not once have I ever seen him leave the store with that loaf of bread. He already has the Bread of Life within him.

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