Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Call Me Lucy

At least once a week I tell my mom, husband, best friend - someone - "Hey, I had this idea!"

My mom's immediate response is, "Yes, Lucy?"

I don't think my ideas are that harebrained. 

Opening a cupcake store even though I have no experience? I think it's do-able.
A kids consignment store to to franchise and compete with Once Upon a Child? Totally do-able.
Opening an old-timey photography studio in a college town where people can wear old-fashioned football uniforms? I think it would work fabulously!

Hmmm, yes, these all involve opening a store of some kind and selling a product. Well...

Sara, my dad's mom
Writing fiction novels? Done, and 2 almost done!

This I can do. And I just had an idea tonight. I have several passions - writing is one, harebrained ideas is another and I'm also really into genealogy. 

So I thought maybe I could write to my grandmother's living siblings, their children and cousins and whoever else knew them back in the day and write a book about my grandmothers. 
My mom's mom, Mary Bradley, and my dad's mom, Sara (note the names there make up my daughter's name!) grew up in the years following the Great Depression, went through WWII, both served in the military (Navy & Marines), married, had three children - led very different lives...One was an at-home mom who volunteered for everything under the sun and the other wound up a single mother who worked to put food on the table for not only her three children but also her late sister's six children! 
Mary Bradley, my mom's mom
I think these are women who have a story to tell. I want my children - especially the one named for these women - to know who the person was...not just dates and a few pictures.

What do you think, Blogging world? Good idea? I think so... now, to write up some questions...


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