Monday, August 29, 2011

The Panic

There are less than four months until Christmas, but that's not what is panicking me. You see, this last year I turned 30 which was no big deal. I took it in stride without much thought. But it seems that the fact that Christmas happens to also be my birthday, I realize that turning 31 is looming in my future.

So what? Yes, I turned 30 with some grace and dignity, but the idea of being 31. Thirty-one. Three...One... I'll be IN MY THIRTIES.

See, now I can just pretend that 30 is just an extention of my 20s. Like how a new day starts with 12 and not 1. You have to go all the way around the clock to make it to my world, 30 is a new hour, but not quite fully into the day.

I know, that makes no sense (I'm typing this at night while my mind is reeling). It's because I'm feeling a little punchy about this "in my thirties" thing. I'm still young! I'm still hip! But I'm also halfway to needing a replacement hip!! Lord, help me! I'm not ready to "age."

In pondering all this I was reminded that there was a sort of mecca for being in my 30s. It was a TV show called Thirtysomething. I queued it up on NetFlix (love NetFlix! See? I'm with it!) and watched Episode 1. 

Oh, the hair! Oh, the pleated pants!
Okay, I remember this show being on TV when I was a kid. came out when I was 6. SIX! That aside, I completely related with the wife n the show who is suffering from severe PPD and had a hubby who was It was like watching my life from 2007-2009 in one hour. I couldn't believe I related to a show that was initially aimed at My MOM! Feeling old again.

I'm not sure what the point is here aside from I'm realizing I'm not 20 anymore. Its a little depressing. But hey...I'm in my thirties...I'm allowed a glass of real wine to go with my whine, right? Right.


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