Thursday, September 8, 2011

When's Open Mic Night?

I fancy myself something of a comedienne. Everybody tells me I'm funny, therefore I must be. Right?

Just the other day I was chatting with someone I haven't seen in some months at church (we have a church of 2,000, so not seeing someone for months is very possible!). She commented that I had lost weight - which I have not.
So I said, "Well, if you say I have, then sure! I'll take it!" I didn't think this was particularly funny or brilliant, but this woman did.
She said that I needed to do stand-up comedy.
And since I would love to do stand-up, but there's not much opportunity in our small rural area, I replied, "I would love to! When is Wal-Mart's open mic night?"

She so did not get it. She gave me the deer in headlights look...head cocked to one side, eyes bright. "Huh?"

So I guess I'm not as funny as I might think I am - or as funny as this woman thought either.

But hey - if Wal-Mart ever does an open mic night, I'm totally there. You'll come laugh at my bad jokes, right?


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