Friday, November 4, 2011

The Time I Dyed the Shower Purple

So, remember when my BFF and I decided to put purple streaks in our hair this past August? No? Let me remind you:

The purple didn't last too long in my hair, but you know where it did last?

My shower walls. Yeah. They started off very purple. Very. Purple. I promised Marshall that one day I would clean those walls and restore them to their previously pristine "old lace" status.

Except I didn't. Whoops. I meant to. Really I did. I had hoped that over time the color would simply go away. Between two kids bathing and two adults showering I figured it would disappear down the drain.

The color did, however, fade. Purple turned to pink. But it was still, well, pink. And very apparent on my shower walls.

Eventually I got the motivation I needed to remedy the situation. My in-laws were coming up for a visit. And while the kids thought the pink shower was pretty awesome, I highly doubted my mother-in-law would feel the same way.

It took a lot of elbow grease and more bleach that I would care to admit, but finally my walls did come clean. The purple was no more.

Maybe next time I'll dye my hair blue...

Disclaimer: I am writing this post to take part in SITS Girls' giveaway. My shower walls were very purple/pink and I really did need to clean them. Which, eventually, I did.
I received information about Clorox’s Bleach It Away campaign and am sharing my messy moment for the chance to win prizes from The SITS Girls. To learn more about the messy moment program, check out  Sharing your story on the Clorox fan page gets you entered for the chance to win $25,000 and daily prizes, and you can grab a coupon for Clorox® Regular Bleach.


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