Friday, March 23, 2012

Bloggy Apology

Maybe you haven't noticed, but I sure have noticed that I'm just not blogging the way I should be lately.

Let's say I'm "distracted."

Not only are we expecting a new family member, but the kids are in the midst of spring activities.
And my husband is now the co-producer for a feature length movie being made this spring, and I've just be "hired" on as their PR person. (Hired is in quotes because I'm not getting paid. My pay comes when the hubby's pay comes.)
And I have a few other projects I'm also trying to tackle.

So if my posting seemed to become a little less frequent, please forgive me.
As I've said before - I'm not living unless I'm living under a lot of stress and taking on too much at once!
I am committed to the blog, and i don't have plans quit any time soon...but I may not be posting 3-4 times a week like I have been for a while. Thanks for your understanding!


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